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Sunday, 20 February 2011


In 2005 I was invited onto the committee of volunteers setting up a brand new 'Heritage' centre in the town with the aid of a large Lottery Grant. We were generously given, for a peppercorn rent, a small ground floor unit within a 19th Century cotton spinning mill fronting the canal. You can see the depth of the walls by looking at the windows in the photo. First job was to totally refurbish the room, including the construction of a mezzanine floor. We needed exhibition space and space for a small number of sale items; local history books, walking guides, maps, postcards, etc.
My responsibility was to organise the transfer of 5,000 photographic prints, dating from the 1890s to present day, into digital format so that they could be available by public access computers.
Being on the committee also got me involved in the group of 40 or so volunteers who staff the centre each weekend.

Here is a photo of the ground floor. It's a bit distorted as it's a 'still' version of the 360 degree panorama. There's a small mezzanine with the computers upstairs.

Over the years I gradually withdrew from the monthly volunteer shift, and from the committee, but have jealously guarded my role as photo archivist and printer!

On Saturday my friend K was due to be there as a volunteer, but was away due to family bereavement. So I stepped in and for the first time for about 4 years did an afternoon shift.

Friday: 5mg tablet @ 11am. Mobile and pain free day. More energy than usual. Clearer head. Meeting at work to review health and take on another client. Good nights sleep
Saturday: Sleep in til 11am. 5mg tablet. Afternoon shift at the Discovery Centre. Still mobile and well enough to cook evening meal. Good night sleep.
Sunday: Sleep in til 11am. 5mg tablet. Mobile on getting up but feeling tired today. Visit the garden centre and pot up some spring daffodils. Sleep on sofa for much of the afternoon. No pain or stiffness but very tired all day. Maybe did too much Thurs/Fri.


  1. Lovely building. Have been reading your posts, hope you don't mind me stopping in from time to time.

  2. You're very welcome. I've popped over to your blog too.