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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Diary of a goldfish

Cleaned out the goldfish today. They are 12 years old, probably not a bad age for goldfish in a tank? The result of our first 'can I have a puppy', 'no, but you can have a goldfish/hampster/gerbil/guinea pig' conversation. Followed by a lifetime of Mum doing the looking after. Actually we never had any of the others though we did have a succession of 8 mice that many people can't stand but I became very fond of. One used to sit on my shoulder while I cleaned out the cage.
Truthfully T did all the heavy bucket lifting while I monitored siphoning the dirty water. Reminded me of T's suggestion to start a diary with the aim of getting a clearer picture of a pattern to these fluctuating aches and pains.

So this is really a diary for me, starting yesterday:
Friday 4th: Lifted heavy old Kenwood mixer down from overhead cupboard and back up again, circa 3pm. (Made apple cake, yum)
10pm. Sharp pain in right wrist. Right arm very stiff and painful, can barely move it. Left arm fine.
By morning, all aches and stiffness back to 'normal' background level.

Saturday 5th. Raining all day, so sat around too much.
1pm. Legs stiff, backside aching from lack of exercise.
4pm. Cleaned fish tank, as above. Await onset of stiffness.
6pm. Evening meal
7pm. Upper shoulders stiff, probably from using laptop too much. Overcome with fatigue and crash out for 1/2 hour. Note to self: need for a nap after evening meal happens quite a lot now. Assume it's hard work for my liver. Makes me feel like a granny.
10pm. Stiff all over. Off to bed.

1 comment:

  1. Recipe for apple cake would be good :-)

    I used to HATE cleaning out our fishtank - looking after the cat is SOOOO much easier for sure.

    Hope the aches and pains ease off soon Fiona xx