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Thursday, 21 April 2011

AFP time again

Nearly 11 months since the start of this blog. Nearly 3 months since my previous AFP tumour marker test. Where has the time gone?

A little early taking the test this time, but I have my 6 month cancer check-up with the surgical team at the beginning of May. What with Easter and then 'Will 'n Kate's' Bank Holiday I'm allowing plenty of time for these results to come back in time for Mr O'Blimey's appointment.

Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. I have a bottle of 'Liquid Sunshine' in the fridge with a Vitamin D3 supplement in it. Research suggests that many of us in the northern hemisphere (and those in the southern who apply sunscreen) are deficient in Vitamin D.
I've been taking twice the recommended daily allowance for a while now and got my blood test back today. I'm 'normal', but low normal. Looks like I can up my daily intake again to more like x4 the RDA and still be 'normal'.
Anyone out there feeling a bit tired, or achey, for no particular reason, try taking extra Vit D3 and I'm pretty sure you will feel better.


  1. Hope the tests go well at the beginning of May Fiona...

    Weather is truly lovely at the moment and we've been making the most of it before the snow arrives next week LOL..Well, this is England and anything could happen eh :-)

    Great advice on the Vitamin D3.
    My friend has just been prescribed extra VitD3 daily by her GP for general aches etc - not cancer related - (her levels came up quite low)

    I've been boring people for a while now with my stories on this Vitamin so it's good to see the GP's are also starting to push it more...but if this weather continues we'll all be getting plenty :-)

  2. Hi Carole.

    Interestingly its the practice nurses at my doctors who are believers in Vit D. From using supplements within their family after researching it themselves.

    Sadly even their recommendations aren't taken up by the older GPs in our practice, who poo poo it.
    The younger GP who agreed to test mine had never done it before and had one patient only (in 15 years) whose referral to a consultant for diagnosis when all other tests failed had finally been diagnosed as deficient.

    Maybe the test is unusual and expensive, but what a cheap and cost effective and kind to our bodies solution?!!

  3. My practice nurse is exactly like that too. Older GP's a sometimes stuck in a rut I reckon.

    This is an interesting link with regard to VitD3


    Keep well and enjoy the weather (while it lasts).
    It's sunnier here than in Rhodes right now :-)