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Monday, 28 March 2011

Last 5 days

Five days since my last post. Little change healthwise. The last time I spoke to Dr S he said he would cancel my clinic appointment due 5th April and instead write to me with the results of the biopsy (done 25th Feb) and CT scan (done 3rd March). By 22nd March I'd heard nothing, so wrote to him instead, asking that he enclose a copy of the biopsy report and a copy of the CT scan report with his letter. Surprise surprise, 3 days later a new clinic appointment arrives in the post, booked for 8th April.

I've put on a couple of lbs weight while trying to stick to mainly 'mediterranean' foods. I've only managed one walk and had a few very tired days when I've had to go to bed for a few hours. I've worked more and done extra driving, so that might be causing the fatigue.

Monday I did 2 shifts back to back, covering for a colleague with a medical appointment. The second shift was with a favourite client, a 97 year old lady who I worked with before for 18 months but then 'lost' while off sick. It was lovely to be with her again and a neighbour made a point of stopping to congratulate me on making it back, which was nice.

Wednesday and Thursday I did routine shifts. My Thursday client insists we sit and chat over a cuppa and a cake, usually a cream cake. As she is blind I can serve myself a tiny morsel without her noticing, as cream or high fat cakes are off my menu.

J had a mock English AS level exam.

The Spring sunshine has prompted me into housework and window cleaning away the winter filth, though T has done the first weeding, lawn mowing and vegetable plot digging of the season.

Sister-in-law came over from Yorkshire for the day on Friday, which was lovely. She and I had a pub lunch but I excused myself from the 6 mile walk that followed with T.

J came home early from 6th form with a nasty flare up of eczema, so whizzed him down to the doctors for the end of Friday surgery. A course of antibiotics and some fresh steroid cream is beginning to calm things down. He's now £98 poorer, having bought a ticket for Leeds Festival, and is looking for a job!
Saturday was our 29th wedding anniversary.
Saturday and Sunday I worked shifts. A new client, currently struggling with sudden hearing loss. It takes 10-15 minutes to get into the house, as he can't hear the door or the phone. The neighbours must think me mad, knocking on the window and flapping my arms to attract his attention! I do have key access, but I think I would terrify him suddenly appearing in the room. It's slow work communicating by writing everything down or using signs.

British Summer time and clock changes confuse the older clients and I have to work out fast how to change their digital clocks, heating systems, microwaves and anthing else with an electronic timer!

Oh, and the water went off again today so I looked back through the blog and it last went off 7th November.

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  1. Happy belated Wedding Anniversary Fiona...

    Just remembered I haven't sent you the recipe. I WILL do this later today - apologies.

    I did laugh at the vision of you flapping away at your clients house. Sounds just like my Dj in a moment of excitement - except that he flaps his arms whilst jumping on tiptoes at the same time. You could try that? :-))

    Glad you've got a new appointment date now.