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Friday, 4 March 2011


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T & I used to go to festivals, not music festivals but orienteering festivals. In 1983 our then 'club' was responsible for the car parking of an annual international event called the JK or Jan Kjellstrom http://www.jk2010.co.uk. Around 4,000 runners attend this most years. Here is a little yellow VW at the start of the day.

As a student I also use to drive one of these (below)for the university team. BUSF stands for British Universities Sports Federation. They had an annual event too.
That's me! And T peeking out of the back.


  1. I love this. Your really did some digging, didn't you? The JK weekend sounds interesting. And what a long history.

    It looks like you also ran in those BUSF events. What a great picture of you and the elusive T. You guys have been together a long time. Glad you're still sweethearts.

    Thank you for the post.

    Big hugs all around,

  2. Steve

    These photos reminded my sister-in-law of something and she emailed (I'm sure she won't mind me posting it though T may!)
    "I have a vague memory of you telling me you got together with T when you were orienteering - him showing off with a head spring - and a 'bet you couldn't do that' ....? Is that right? What a way to woo someone!"

    Considering it was 32 years ago she has a fantastic memory.
    It was touching his toes. He was 19, very bendy and slim, and had longish curly blond hair. But what impressed me more was him doing the newspaper crossword on the way to events and having a brain while the other guys were more into booze and the latest trainers.
    I'd had a driving licence long enough to qualify to drive the rental minibus that took me, one or two other 'girls' and all the guys to weekend events. It made me feel superior that none of the guys could drive the bus - mainly because my running & map reading skills were so poor.
    At the event in question he was trying to impress my friend Penny and myself I think. Both she and I were pretty useless as orienteers but there was a definite female shortage in the club.
    We joined different clubs as we moved around the UK and kept up the sport for about 15 years.

    Hugs back at you. Hope this hasn't spoiled your guessing game. Thought it safe to reveal all after 6 or so days!

  3. I remember parking 1000+ cars in that field.