"There's a myth that anyone who has a liver problem has brought it on themselves" This quote is from a Crohn's disease patient living with a blocked portal vein hoping for a liver transplant (Independent 31st Oct 2010)

Monday, 8 November 2010

I went skiing

Weight: 8st 13
Waist: 32"
Walk: 1 mile
Wii fit: 20 minutes ski slalom
The Wii Fit tells me my BMI is 21 which is in the ideal range for my height.
I would have been sceptical about this except at my recent check the hospital scales worked out my BMI to be the same.
Walk: 0 miles - windy and rainy today.
Wii fit: 20 minutes of jogging with an annoying avatar that turns round and waves at me to follow it but if I run fast enough to overtake trips me up so I fall on my face! And aerobic 'stepping'.
Emphasis now on homemade meals and less reliance on salty convenience foods. Made Nigel Slater's 'squash and turkey bake' for tea - 1 1/2 hours kitchen time.

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