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Friday, 27 August 2010

NVQ Level 3

The induction evening for the NVQ 3 in Health & Social care is at Macclesfield College from 5pm-8pm. I'm spotted by my assessor from last year as I creak slowly across the car park to the classroom. We fill out endless enrolment forms and then do 2 x half hour literacy and numeracy tests. I'm so tired by the maths I can't work out the volume of a cube. J's doing Maths A level so he'll help his dim Mum. He's amazed I don't have an O level. Not even a CSE. I was bottom of the bottom maths group at school. But managed to do the accounts for a small business later in life. And no, it didn't go bust!

I have to do 4 compulsory units and 4 optional units. I can only find 3 optional units that fit my job - pressure care, moving&handling, medication. The tutor suggests "dealing with aggressive behaviour" but the clients I have are lovely. The girl next to me can't believe I don't have grumpy ones and wants to know who I work for. She's on duty from 8am to 11pm poor thing.

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