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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Same day - different results

GCSE results day. J has done brilliantly. 6 'A's including 2 A*s. Only a failure in Buddhism as part of RE. No worries, he wasn't planning on being a monk.

I have my MRI.
Everyone warns you about the noise. I found the background thuds reminded me of the rhythmic putt putt of a canal barge. Soothing.
Yes it's noisy on and off but I had earphones. And another IV in my arm for dye. And a contraption round my stomach which was supposed to respond to breathing. I'm too skinny for the belt and the machine says I'm dead. Enter the radiographer with padding. Still not breathing. More padding. This time it must be ok.
I keep my eyes shut as it's like being a potholer. The roof is right above my nose and my elbows graze the sides. How does anyone larger fit in?
The IV felt wrong from the moment the radiographer put it in. When I'm wheeled out of the scanner I'm bleeding all over the place. Panic - will my clotting study be bad when it's taken.

MRI results are on the system in time for the next days MultiDisciplinary meeting. No smaller tumours visible. My turn for an A*

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