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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cancer free - but at what cost?

33 years after being diagnosed with Hep B I started treatment in April this year with a drug called Tenofovir, designed to suppress the reproduction of the virus as long as I take it for life.

For the first time since surgery for HCC cancer in 2010, my alpha fetoprotein (AFP) tumour marker has come back <1 - which in my books is zero, so undetectable.

Good news.

But before I hang out the bunting, I've only been taking Tenofovir for 15 weeks and already its reduced my kidney function to a flow rate of 68%.

Not so good news, as I have to take this drug for life if my viral load is to stay undetectable and my risk of HCC recurrance reduced.

I've reduced the dosage, and will have another blood test in a few days to see if that has helped stabilise the somewhat dramatic fall in eFGR.

Nothing is straightforward with HBV! Tricky little b**ger!

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  1. Congrats Fiona on being undetectable: )