"There's a myth that anyone who has a liver problem has brought it on themselves" This quote is from a Crohn's disease patient living with a blocked portal vein hoping for a liver transplant (Independent 31st Oct 2010)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

All done and dusted for 6 months

Within the space of 10 days have had my 3 month hepatology check-up (just waiting for current viral load result), my 6-month cancer check up (all clear for now, counting the days to 2 years post and then I will be over another hurdle), and an unexpected gastroenterology outpatients (havent seen him for about a year) where he gave me some paperwork for an AFP in 6 months and agreement to book another MRI in 6 months.

Despite our very un-summery weather, our strawberry plants have produced a bumper crop.  3kg picked in one day yesterday, in the rain!  So today is strawberry jam making day - yum

Also sending love and best wishes to my sister-in-law K, who was rushed into ICU a few days ago with pneumonia, but who has make a remarkable recovery and is on the mend.                                 


  1. Strawberries fresh from the field – just the thought makes my mouth water. Enjoy making the strawberry jam!

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    1. Viral load calls for blood Ozone treatment. This reduces the pathogen load immediately, and when repeated, together with autohemotherapy, creates immune response which is more specific to the patient pathology. The immunotherapy can also include LAK stem cell therapy, and Interleukin 2 regimen.

      Hello, my name is Ari, I am a survivor (so far...) of two cancers, a widower of a cancer victim (now re-married..) and is dedicated to fighting cancer, and helping others do so.
      I lived in Toronto, Canada (my family is in southern California), and last year, after marriage, I moved to the Philippines. I am majority owner of a Dialysis clinic, and built a unique cancer clinic, the one I dreamt of having when my first wife was struggling. I took her to Mexico clinics twice, for treatments (which were very successful!), talked to dozens of physicians, and always found lack of properly equipped clinics, which could do a lot better if they were.
      Along the way, I have gained insight of how proper Hyperthermia should be applied. This is a method which doubles the success rate of conventional therapies, and alternative ones as well, provided it is done properly. I have purchased the most powerful device for this, and added two other types of devices, which when applied in the right order, prevent a process of DE-sensitizing of cancer cells to the effects of specific frequency hyperthermia. We also do mild whole body hyperthermia in order to strengthen the immune system (with no side effects),and help reach the right thermo-therapeutic levels within the tumour.(the right temperature simply destroys the tumour...). There are also other aspects to this, biological ones, which for lack of commercial incentive (UN-patentable..) is not pursued by multinational pharmaceutical corporations which control all medical research in the field.
      I also introduced other forms of immunotherapy, and alternative cytotoxic elements, such as Helixor, a mistletoe extract, which has three times better success rate then most chemo agents, without the side effects.

      Ari Idan

  3. Hello Ari. Can you let me and my blog followers know of where there is published research evidence showing that this therapy reduces the hepatitis viral load. You can post links to the data here if you like. I'm sure it would be interesting.
    Could you also post links to published, evidence based research, that shows how the mistletoe extract works better than chemo, and for which cancers.
    Many thanks for your interest in my blog.