"There's a myth that anyone who has a liver problem has brought it on themselves" This quote is from a Crohn's disease patient living with a blocked portal vein hoping for a liver transplant (Independent 31st Oct 2010)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Apologies for silence

To family and friends who check this blog and may be wondering why the long silence, my apologies.

I'm finding it difficult to use 'Blogger' at the moment.
My lovely cyber friend Carole is in the final stages of rectal cancer. Surrounded by her loving family she has maybe days, maybe weeks, nobody knows, in a peaceful hospice.

Carole held my hand as a newbie on cancer support forums, and guided me through the early stages of blogging. Her surgery for Stage 3 cancer was in November 2010, not long after my surgery. Sadly she didnt have my luck going into remission. Spinal mets were diagnosed in October 2011 and by January this year there was further spread in her pelvic area.

Her blog, and her thread on Cancer Chat have many many posts by people who have been touched by her warmth and unique way with words. At the moment things are in limboland, and despite the warm wishes on her blog it distresses me to read it. So sorry while I stay away from blogging for the moment.


  1. Dear Fiona,
    We'll be here when you return. I think we are all being affected by Carole's situation. It hurts knowing there isn't anything we can do to change what is happening. We are all going to greatly miss her. Best wishes until ...

  2. Hi Fiona,
    Yes, Carole has been very supportive to many of us, and I know that I feel completely useless now.
    All that we can do now is to hope that Carole is as comfortable and as pain free as is possible.