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Friday, 16 September 2011

CT Scan

The time for my 6-monthly CT has come round again. Having it done at Macclesfield and the images forwarded to Salford and North Manchester hasn't worked.

Here's a thought - how come you, and I, and Joe Public, can send each other via email the most amazing photos and images. But hospital A cant send a picture to hospital B if they belong to different NHS trusts.

So we start again and I have my scan done at Salford, which is on the same computer 'system' as North Manchester. I had a mild allergic reaction the iodine IV last March and am nervous of it happening again. It left me shaky, so I want T to be around to hold my hand and drive me home after. Heppy doc carefully wrote on the CT request slip NOT TUESDAY OR THURSDAY (those are T's busiest work days).
Appointment letter arrived today ... yes you guessed ... Thursday.
Rang radiography and explained my concerns about the iodine. Helpful radiographer looked at my notes and said 'yup, says here you have an allergy, so no iodine IV for you this time'. That's good news, this will be a walk in the park now and I'll be ok to drive myself home. I asked whether the consultant would be informed before the scan, in case he said that an image done without contrast wouldnt be good enough. 'Should be fine', said helpful radiographer, 'we can use a different methodology to interpret the scan'.
Rang appointments to cancel Thursday and re-arrange. Explained how Heppy Doc had written NOT TUESDAY or THURSDAY on the request. Ah, she said, sometimes it has to be done on the day the specialist radiographer is available ... oh no, here we are, yes we can offer you Mondays or Wednesdays.
Ha ha ha.

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