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Wednesday, 1 December 2010


It's T's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Starts off with cards and presents. All fine so far. Off to work in the snow. He decides to walk to the station in the morning, about 45 minutes, as the roads are icy. I get a call later to say the trains were pretty much on time and Manchester clear of snow. Another call just before 4pm to say he's catching the 4.20 train home that stops in Prestbury and he'll walk back from there. He's left his mobile at home by accident so I dont expect to hear again.
Then at 5.45 a call from a payphone on Stafford station. The train was diverted without warning and he has to wait for a 6 o'clock back to Macclesfield. It's snowing in Stafford and the train only goes as far as a connection to Stoke on Trent. If all goes ok he should be back at Macc station by 6.45 but has no cash for a taxi. Walking home on icy pavements won't be fun.
What a rotten birthday.
Update. The train T hoped to catch was cancelled. And the next one. The first train running left at 6.30, according to the website a mere 3 minutes late despite coming all the way from Bournemouth! I'm hoping he got on that one, due into Macc at 7.15pm.


  1. Happy Birthday to T....Rotten way to spend your birthday though...:-(

    Hope he arrived home safe and sound and not too cold.
    Even London is absolutely freezing at the moment (which is very unusual).

  2. Hi Carole. Yes made it home eventually. A 3 hour journey that normally takes 26 minutes. At least he wasn't stuck on a train overnight like some poor souls and had wisely taken walking boots and warm clothing. Now I'm anxious prematurely about teen son going by train to 'gig' in Manchester tomorrow (Friday) that ends around 11pm by which time it's predicted to be minus 8, brrrrr!
    Stay snug Carole.