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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Asterisk, bleep, exclamation mark

So.... the Macmillan Nurse didnt call.
I rang the MRI department at Macclesfield, and they said the report went to Dr S on 24th April.  Thats 3 weeks ago and I'm still bl**dy waiting.  No news is NOT good news in this sort of scenario when nobody seems to know if anybody has even looked at the damn report, let alone looked at the images.
So I emailed his secretary and she said Dr S had written to me on 4th May.
Which he may have done, but the letter hasnt plopped through my letterbox.
What did plop through my letterbox on 4th May was an outpatients appointment to see him on 29th June  Well that's no eff**g good is it, ha ha.  That's two bl**dy months after the bl**dy scan.  If I had cancer but nobody knew as they hadnt looked at the images, I might be dead by June, ha ha.
(You can tell I'm cross).  And I'm already seeing the surgeon the day before, so what's the bl**dy point?

I emailed her back and said 'is it a personal letter?, cos all I got was an outpatients appointment'
Yes, she assures me today, its on its way.  Ok, I know the post is poor, but 2nd class post doesnt take 10 e**ing days. The Olympic torch bearer could get it to me faster.  I bet she's run off another copy and popped it in the post today.

She also told me she would fax the MRI report to O'Blimey the surgeon's secretary.
The one who passed the buck to the Macmillan Nurse to 'go fetch'
I've emailed the surgeon's secretary and asked her to photocopy the fax and send me the copy right back, oh yes, ... even email a copy if she's allowed.  Somehow I think not.  It's apparently safe for a letter to go in the post and take 10 or more bl**dy days to go astray.  But it's not apparently safe for an email copy of same to ping into your inbox within seconds. 

Fingers crossed I will get my own copy of this report that so far, nobody is owning up to either reading or having, and then I can see for myself if I do or do not have cancer, instead of having to wait another 6 weeks for someone, anyone, to tell me in person.  Jeez.

Exclamation mark !  Exclamation mark!

Rant over, feel better now.  Deep breath .... exhale.. ahhhh, sigh.  Smile.

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  1. Fiona,
    I'm so sorry for your frustrating time with this. This seems to be all too common a problem, which is scary when you think about the difference it could mean in the patients and their families lives. I'll keep watching to hear what the outcome of those tests was. Good luck and keep : )