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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Scan-tastic month

Another drive to Salford hospital today. For another bone density DEXA scan. I had one a year ago giving a diagnosis of pre-osteoporosis (or osteopenia). Since then I've supplemented daily with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3, so it will be interesting to compare results a year on. This scan is quick and doesnt involved any claustrophobic feelings of being inside a machine.

Because the Tenofovir treatment poses a long term risk of osteoporosis, this scan will give an up-to-date baseline of my bone health.
Bit of a panic before setting off.  Read the letter again and it said, in bold, If you have had a Dexa scan within the past two years please ring the department.
So I did, because I have. 
 Don't come in' they said.
'The radiographer will refuse to scan you as there wont have been any significant changes in a year'.
'This isnt to look for changes', I said, 'It's to give a baseline because of the medication I've started'.  'Will it be harmful for me to have 2 scans within 13 months?' - No
'Is it a budget thing?' - No.
Hmm, well perhaps best to double check?
They did.  And rang back to say 'radiographer definitely wants you in'.
Just giving me enough time, well no not enough time, I was 10 minutes late due to waiting at home to find out if this scan was 'on' or 'off'.
After the scan I found a lovely quiet WRVS cafe in a previously undiscovered part of the hospital away from the busy outpatients area cafe.  Thank goodness for the WRVS ladies (and lads too now) and their cups of tea and snacks.

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  1. This could be a good thing, Fiona, if it works out that you only have to remember to do all future yearly follow up scans during the month of April.
    Personally, I hope that they do see some positive changes for you. Proof that everything you have been doing is working.