"There's a myth that anyone who has a liver problem has brought it on themselves" This quote is from a Crohn's disease patient living with a blocked portal vein hoping for a liver transplant (Independent 31st Oct 2010)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

NHS snail mail

Try as I might I dont understand the problem with sending information between different NHS trusts.

I still have my fingers crossed that after 4 weeks somebody will finally send me the 2 or 3 sheets of paper that contain my last lot of blood tests.
So far the GP secretaries and I have tried to get them via phone, via fax and via email. Apparently the last 2 methods are 'not secure' and the first is too time consuming to read them out.
I find it difficult to believe that companies such as, let's say Apple, don't use the internet for it's communication despite the supposed risk of security lapses. Perhaps they always use couriers or carrier pigeon for any new product plans.

So now I'm pinning my hopes on Dr Al's secretary deciding to break with protocol and use 2 or 3 precious sheets of paper, an envelope and a stamp to send them to my GP.

The whole hassle has decided me to ask for the whole lot to be done again at the GP in November (which will be half way between my September clinic and the January 2012 clinic) so that I can get some up-to-date results within a week.

I'm not even considering asking about the CT results. There's little point in hoping anyone will contact me about it before January. Anyway without the iodine contrast dye the chance of it being any use at detecting tiny new tumours is low. Small non-enhanced liver tumours usually aren't visible in a lumpy cirrhotic liver, so we need a new plan B for the best imaging technique for me, which isnt non enhanced CT.

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