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Friday, 22 July 2011

July bloods

Third set of bloods taken. Nurse practitioner getting to know my history now! These are sent off to Salford for Dr Al, and I have a 4th set taken when I see him in August. Quite a spreadsheet building up.

June's lot were ok. I'll be interested to see these latest, as the last few weeks I've been extra fatigued. Looked at my diary yesterday and realised that since I went back to work in February I haven't had a holiday. Silly me.

Next week we are on our hols. J to Anglesey camping with friends, T and I driving down South to visit family and then have a couple of days to ourselves.

Have collected all the stuff J needs - tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat (thanks for the tip Dave we now have a self inflating one), cooker, pan, gas canister, plate, mug, washing stuff, boots, socks, waterproofs, basic food rations, beach stuff, spare clothes. Look at the growing pile, look at the rucksack. No way is it all going to fit!

His friend Jack came round and they practiced taking the down the tent. It's a pop-up, so no 'putting up' required - it springs to fully formed in 2 seconds! Getting it back into the carry bag requires 8 extra long arms to hold one side while the other side springs open again. There is an excellent demonstration video on YouTube showing how to fold it up again, but Jack was convinced he could work it out - which he did, it just took quite a long time.

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