"There's a myth that anyone who has a liver problem has brought it on themselves" This quote is from a Crohn's disease patient living with a blocked portal vein hoping for a liver transplant (Independent 31st Oct 2010)

Friday, 17 June 2011

Latest results

Under my hepatologist's new careplan I'm having blood taken every month. Liver function, red and white blood cell count, clotting speed and a check on my immune system.

I'm not on any medication. I take a herbal liver supplement called Milk Thistle, Vitamin D3, a multi-vitamin and mineral tablet and some extra calcium and magnesium for 'dem bones. I eat no red meat, avoid saturated fats and vegetable oils and have cut right back on salt.

My 3rd and most recent lot of blood tests under this new monitoring regime are looking good.

The tests that monitor inflammation in my body have dropped further and are in the normal range. My liver tests are 'normal', which for me just means 'stable' as we know from the tissue biopsy that the liver isn't 'normal'.

The only thing way out of range is the tests monitoring my immune system, which show its still operating at twice the business it should be, trying to clear an imaginary disease. It needs a rest!

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