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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Back to work today

After 18 weeks, 5 sicknotes and 1 return-to-work interview ..... I managed ...... 2 hours, woo hoo!
If you add on the time to get there and get back again via the station to collect T and the takeaway because I was too tired to cook .... 3 & 1/2 hours.

I went to a client I'd worked with last summer and she seemed pleased to see me again (only she can't see me as she is blind - sorry, a bit sick that!) Despite her having a stroke and me cancer in the meantime we hobbled along nicely. Lots to chat about over a cup of tea, so I didn't have to work very hard.

During the 18 weeks, 5 sicknotes and 1 return-to-work-interview I 'lost' 3 lovely clients which is a shame. One died, went to funeral last week. Very dignified lady, ex-nurse, awarded a medal in the war for not deserting her patients during air raids. One went into residential care - a lovely man with Parkinsons and other complications. He'd been a company director and how sad it was to be reduced to needing help getting out of bed, help in the shower, and other humiliating losses I won't describe. We tackled it by turning the tasks into a huge joke. His wife must have wondered what on earth was going on hearing our irreverent laughter. One is still around but at the moment I'm not on her team as I'm on 'light' duties and she needs help with lifts and hoists.

Had a little zzzzzzzz on the sofa after the takeaway, and feeling ok. More news about something else tomorrow.

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