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Friday, 11 November 2011

Intermediary blood tests

I had a brainwave. Instead of waiting to see the GP on November 18th and then trying to get bloods drawn and results back in time for my cancer check up the following week, I asked if the GP could do the pathology forms without my seeing him in person. The secretaries obliged as usual (more chocolates due) and within a few hours a form was ready for me to pick up and take to Macclesfield hospital.

I expected to have to wait in line for ages for the blood draw, but the department was surprisingly empty and I was seen immediately. Results of the straightforward ones will be back at the GP by next week, the AFP has to be 'sent away' so will take longer. Hopefully 8 working days is ample and I can go to my North Manchester cancer check up armed with up-to-date results instead of results that are 2 months out of date.

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